9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Design Thinking


How Lippincott, the branding and strategy firm behind Coca-Cola’s swirl, Starbucks’s logo, and Samsung’s global identity, fuses creativity and analytics.

Written By Rick Wise

I lead an unusual company. Lippincott, part of the highly analytical management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, is the creative force behind the ubiquitous red-and-white Coca-Cola swirl, Samsung’s global identity, the Starbucks logo, Walmart’s rebranding, and the Infiniti concept, name and brand.

We have experts in stochastic modeling and strategic choice analysis sharing workspaces with graphic designers, linguists, and architects. Each of our disciplines has its own perplexing vernacular, industry associations, dress codes, and even workday start times. Yet, somehow this unique blend of skills has managed to sustain itself in this way for 70 years now.

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