What leaders are…

Kevin McCullagh argues that design leaders tend to share three general qualities:

1. They are good at envisioning the future; they constantly ask what is changing and what opportunities may arise from change.

2. They think strategically; they question existing core competencies and ask which ones will be needed in the future. They ask how their organization plans to set itself apart from its competitors.

3. They lead others; they know how to develop, inspire, and maintain teams.

Of course, these are general leadership qualities. For more specifics, I like to turn to Deepak Chopra’s leadership framework. “The hallmarks of inspired leaders are creativity, intelligence, organizing power, and love,” he writes.3 This may sound “spiritual,” and maybe it is. I am strongly convinced, though, that only inspired leaders can become successful visionaries. The business world faces challenges too big to be left to uninspired leaders.