How To Conduct Your Own Google Ventures Design Sprint

  Editor’s note: This post is part of a seven-part series originally published on Google Ventures’ site, Design Staff. At Google Ventures, we do product design work with startups all the time. Since… Continue reading

iBeacon briefing: What is it, and what can we expect from it?

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Inspiring & Creative Contact Forms

In this post, we’ve collected a bunch of creative contact forms for your inspiration that take form design above and beyond the norm. Out-of-the-box, a typical contact form is just a bunch of… Continue reading

Further Educating Yourself as a Designer

Everyone knows that education is the best investment a designer can make to further his or her career. But what does that mean, exactly? Should you go back to school (or attend for… Continue reading

Good Font, Bad Font: 5 Ways To Tell The Gems From The Junk

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How to Make Data Visualization Better with Gestalt Laws

People love order. We love to make sense of the world around us. The human mind’s affinity for making sense of the objects it sees can be explained in a theory called Gestalt… Continue reading

The Perfect Client is Not So Perfect After All

We all want to work with the “perfect client”. While the word perfect is highly subjective, I can state with some degree of confidence that the “perfect client” for us web designers would… Continue reading

Minimalist Landing Pages

            In the last few years, web designers have gradually realized that cluttering our designs with non-essential elements isn’t a good idea. Excessive design elements like meaningless stock… Continue reading

When Flat Design Falls Flat.

      Flat design is the most popular trend in UI design right now. Superficially, flat design is simple: Don’t use gradients, shadows and textures Use simple shapes, bold colors and clear… Continue reading

How I Made Web Design Profitable by Not Doing Web Design

The first website I ever created for money was back in 1999. I earned $900. It was a flat-file database for an import/export business. After that, I made a $500 website for a… Continue reading